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Why We Hate Wix

8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Build Your Site On Wix

Reason 1: Wix Websites Are Terrible For SEO

Having a Wix website = not getting found on Google = losing out on revenue opportunities.

Reason 2: Wix Websites Are Slow As Hell

Having a Wix website = slow loading pages = your prospects are going to navigate away.

Reason 3: Wix Websites Aren’t Responsive

Having a Wix website = unresponsive web pages = a website that looks weird on certain devices.

Reason 4: Wix’s Interface Isn’t Very User Friendly

Building a Wix website = a crappy interface = you’re gonna have a bad time.

Reason 5: Wix Owns Your Website, Not You

Having a Wix website = not actually owning your websites = no recourse if Wix says see ya later.

Reason 6: Wix Websites Aren’t Unique

Having a Wix website = not having a unique site = you’re less likely to be taken seriously.

Reason 7: Wix Websites Aren’t Very Secure

Having a Wix website = issues with security = your data could get stolen.

Reason 8: Wix Websites Make It Tough To Migrate Your Data

Having a Wix website = no migration = starting from scratch when you want to move platforms

Why Do People Get Wix Websites, Then?

So, What To Do?

Why We Hate Wix