Website Development for Fotsun

We were thrilled to build the website for Fotsun, a well-known music festival based in Port Macquarie.

To ensure that the website represents this year’s branding, we incorporated gold tones and dark contrasting backgrounds. Our aim was to create a website that not only captures the energy and excitement of the festival but also offers visitors a seamless user experience. We used the WordPress platform, which allowed us to provide flexibility for future expansion while ensuring easy content management.

The website’s home page features striking imagery and bold typography that immediately capture the festival’s vibrancy. Visitors can easily navigate to the lineup and schedule sections, which are presented in an organised and visually appealing format. The site also includes a news and media section, where the festival can share updates and media coverage. Additionally, visitors can purchase tickets directly from the website, with a clear call-to-action button placed prominently on the home page. We’re thrilled to have created a website that accurately represents Fotsun’s brand and provides an excellent user experience for festival-goers.

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Applications used

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