Graphic Design Services for Cassegrain Wines

We take pride in our collaborative approach to creating promotional material for our new season wines. Our team works closely with Phil Cassegrain, a seasoned expert in the wine industry, to design and produce monthly booklets that showcase our latest offerings.
These booklets provide a wealth of information for our customers, including tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and behind-the-scenes looks at our winemaking process.

In addition to these booklets, we also create a range of other promotional material to help spread the word about our new wines. This includes branded social media posts, advertising materials, and other marketing collateral designed to showcase the unique qualities of each wine.

What was created

Social Media Posts
Graphic Design

Applications used


Phiranno Designs did some really beautiful work for Cassegrain Wines to showcase the new seasons wine packs. We are delighted with her work, and highly recommend her for high quality, beautifully presented work. - Wendy

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