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Fueling Rapid Growth for Shoreline
Plumbing Co.
with Targeted Google Ads Campaigns


Shoreline Plumbing Co., a growing plumbing service facing the urgent need to expand its customer base, partnered with PD Digital to kickstart its Digital marketing journey. With the addition of new staff and the aim to scale operations efficiently, Shoreline Plumbing required immediate results to meet the growing demand and ensure the sustainability of its expansion.


Despite having a solid reputation built on word of mouth, Shoreline Plumbing needed help reaching new customers, which was essential for its planned expansion. The need for immediate and tangible results put pressure on its marketing strategy. Additionally, an existing engagement with a local web development agency had yet to yield the desired customer outreach and conversion outcomes.


PD Digital quickly identified Google Ads as the optimal channel for immediate impact, initiating a two-pronged approach:

Rapid Google Ads Campaign Launch

Within a tight timeline, PD Digital developed and launched a series of targeted Google Ads campaigns designed to capture high-intent customers in the local area.

Custom Google Ads Landing Page

To maximize conversions, PD Digital crafted a bespoke landing page, tailored specifically for the Google Ads audience, ensuring a cohesive journey from ad clicks to conversion.


The results were both immediate and impressive:

Instant Customer Engagement

Within the first 48 hours of launching the Google Ads campaigns, Shoreline Plumbing witnessed a significant uptick in customer calls and inquiries directly attributable to the campaign

High Conversion Rates

The campaigns achieved an average conversion rate of 17%, with one campaign soaring to over 20%, demonstrating the efficacy of the targeted approach and landing page optimisation.

Cost Efficiency

The cost per lead significantly undercut industry standards, maximizing return on investment and laying a sustainable foundation for future marketing efforts

The return on investment (roi) for ad spend is approximately 1306.25%. This means that for every $1 dollar spent on ads, they're getting up to $13.06 back.

Client Testimonial:

“Partnering with PD Digital was a game-changer for Shoreline Plumbing. The immediate results from the Google Ads campaign exceeded all our expectations. Not only did we start receiving calls from new customers within just two days, but the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaigns have been phenomenal. The tailored landing page made a substantial difference in our conversion rates. We’re thrilled with the outcomes and look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.” – Reece, Shoreline Plumbing Co.


The collaboration between Shoreline Plumbing Co. and PD Digital demonstrates the power of swift, targeted Digital marketing strategies to generate rapid results. By leveraging tailored Google Ads campaigns and optimized landing pages, Shoreline Plumbing was able to significantly expand its customer base, proving that with the right marketing partner, immediate and substantial growth is within reach.

PD Digital works closely with Shoreline Plumbing, planning to extend its success with upcoming social media advertising strategies and ensure sustained growth and success for Reece’s expanding business.