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Enhancing Lead Quality and Building Trust
for North Coast Containers

Enhancing Lead Quality and Building Trust for North Coast Containers


Due to industry-related scepticism, North Coast Containers, a leader in shipping container sales, faced challenges in lead generation costs and customer trust. Utilizing Google Ads, they were landing leads at a high price of $60-$80 each, straining their marketing budget without maximizing potential sales.


The dual challenge North Coast Containers faced was twofold: reducing the unsustainable cost per lead generated through Google Ads and overcoming the industry-wide issue of consumer trust due to prevalent scams in the shipping container market.


PD Digital identified these challenges as opportunities for strategic improvement through Meta marketing. We implemented a two-pronged approach:

Trust-Building through Reel Advertising:

We launched reel advertisements showcasing the faces behind North Coast Containers and their extensive container yard. This approach was designed to humanize the brand and provide tangible social proof to potential customers, instantly building trust and differentiating them from scams.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation:

Shifting focus from Google Ads to Meta marketing, we tailored our campaigns to target demographics most likely to convert, optimizing ad spend and dramatically reducing the cost per lead.


Our targeted strategies yielded remarkable outcomes for North Coast Containers:

Reduced Lead Costs

We slashed the cost per lead from the previous $60-$80 range down to an impressive $15-$30, doubling the efficiency of their marketing budget.

Increased Trust and Customer Confidence

By showcasing real faces and real products, customer scepticism was significantly reduced, enhancing brand credibility and consumer trust from the outset.

Business Expansion

The increased volume and quality of leads enabled North Coast Containers to expand their team, hiring a full-time sales agent dedicated to managing and converting the influx of inquiries.

14 Day Results

85 total Leads Generated, total spend $1,864.78, total reach 88,799 people


PD Digital’s strategic pivot to meta-marketing and trust-focused advertising has optimized North Coast Containers’ marketing investment and addressed critical industry-specific challenges. This case exemplifies how understanding client challenges and implementing focused digital strategies can transform business outcomes, leading to cost savings, increased trust, and business growth.