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ROI for GWorks:
A PD digital Success Story


With ambitious growth objectives, GWorks partnered with PD Digital to leverage cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and operational improvements. This partnership aimed to transform GWorks from a small operation into an industry leader.


GWorks was poised for growth but needed a strategic approach to digital marketing and operations to scale effectively in a competitive landscape.
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PD Digital delivered a multi-faceted approach tailored to GWorks’ growth objectives

Google Ads

For targeted advertising campaigns aimed at high conversion rates.

Social Media Strategies

To broaden brand recognition and reach a nationwide audience.

Sales Strategy and CRM Implementation

Streamlining the sales process and customer relationship management for improved efficiency and customer retention.


The collaboration led to remarkable outcomes:

Operational Expansion

From 5 to over 20 employees and adding three new work sheds.

Impressive ROI

With an average monthly marketing investment of $15,000, This strategic investment resulted in an extraordinary ROI of approximately 2567%, demonstrating the substantial profitability and efficiency of the marketing efforts.

Market Penetration

Achieved significant market share across Australia, establishing GWorks as a market leader.

14 Day Results

48 Leads Generated, $59 Average Lead Cost, $2,838,13 Spent Through Meta, Every Dollar Spent getting back $78 in Profit.
Client Testimonial:

“We’ve been collaborating with PD Digital for our marketing, graphic design, and web development needs at GWorks, and it’s been an incredible journey. As a small company initially comprising only five individuals, our growth has been exponential, expanding to over 20 team members, all thanks to PD Digital’s adept handling of our social media and Google Ads campaigns.

Their expertise in creating engaging content and targeted advertising strategies has not only elevated our online presence but also significantly increased our customer base. The continuous growth we’ve experienced year after year can be directly attributed to their innovative and results-driven marketing approaches.

Furthermore, PD Digital’s team has demonstrated remarkable skill in graphic design and web development, ensuring our brand stands out in a competitive market. They’ve been instrumental in refining our digital footprint, which has, in turn, played a crucial role in our business expansion.

We highly recommend PD Digital to any business looking to scale up and create a lasting impact in their industry. Their professionalism, creativity, and understanding of digital marketing landscapes make them an invaluable partner for growth.” – GWorks Team.


GWorks’ story is a testament to the transformative power of strategic digital marketing and the significant financial returns possible with PD Digital. This partnership highlights our commitment to meeting and exceeding our client’s growth and profitability goals.
Experience the PD Digital difference and unlock your business’s unparalleled growth and ROI potential.
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