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4 Branding Mistakes You Must Avoid

Inconsistency across your brand

Changing tone of voice:

Jumping on every trend:

Failing to use brand guidelines:

Inauthentic brand identity

Be authentic.

Zero market research

Poor design decisions

A brand is the essence of your business, and a Port Macquarie graphic designer can capture it perfectly

Digital Foundation pACKAGE

What’s included

Ideal for businesses stepping into the digital arena, the Digital Foundation package provides the essential building blocks of a compelling online presence. It covers a landing page, services page, contact page, 404, and success page, laying down the cornerstone for your brand’s digital journey

Complete Branding:

This package extends beyond logo creation, encompassing business cards, letterhead, and footer design for a unified and professional brand identity.


Our streamlined process ensures quick turnaround times, allowing you to launch your business and start making an impact sooner.