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Build Your Brand Better With Meta Ads by PD

Facebook and Instagram advertising can have a massive impact on growing your brand. Increase your reach, interact with your customers, and sell more with expert Meta ad setup, management, and optimisation by PD.

We have the expertise and proven results to craft ads, campaigns, and cut through to customers with better engagement and conversions.

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Are we the right Meta Ads management company for you?

We’ve successfully managed dozens of brands’ Meta ads and created stunning Facebook pages, Instagram stories, and other creative content for greater reach. We’ve also assisted businesses by integrating their CMS or apps into Meta for a seamless sales cycle experience. Our knowhow makes your sales and marketing through Meta as effortless as possible.

We’ve been collaborating with PD Digital for our marketing, graphic design, and web development needs at GWorks, and it’s been an incredible journey. As a small company initially comprising only five individuals, our growth has been exponential, expanding to over 20 team members, all thanks to PD Digital’s adept handling of our social media and Google Ads campaigns.

Their expertise in creating engaging content and targeted advertising strategies has not only elevated our online presence but also significantly increased our customer base. The continuous growth we’ve experienced year after year can be directly attributed to their innovative and results-driven marketing approaches.

Furthermore, PD Digital’s team has demonstrated remarkable skill in graphic design and web development, ensuring our brand stands out in a competitive market. They’ve been instrumental in refining our digital footprint, which has, in turn, played a crucial role in our business expansion.

We highly recommend PD Digital to any business looking to scale up and create a lasting impact in their industry. Their professionalism, creativity, and understanding of digital marketing landscapes make them an invaluable partner for growth.

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We’ve partnered with brands to give them more reach, higher engagement, and greater volume of sales than ever before.


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collins booksellers

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Meta Marketing faq

What makes Meta Marketing different from other social media marketing? Meta Marketing utilizes Facebook’s and Instagram’s advanced targeting capabilities, offering unparalleled access to detailed user demographics, interests, and behaviours. This precision allows businesses to craft highly tailored ads, making Meta platforms uniquely powerful for engaging with your target audience.

How often should I post or run ads on Meta platforms?
The frequency of your posts or ads depends on your marketing goals and audience engagement levels. Continuous testing and optimization are key for ads. We recommend starting with a consistent schedule and adjusting based on performance data and audience feedback.

Is Meta Marketing suitable for B2B companies?
Absolutely! While Meta platforms are often associated with B2C marketing, B2B companies can leverage these channels effectively. By targeting professionals based on job titles, industries, and professional interests, B2B companies can generate leads and build brand authority on Meta platforms.

How do you measure the success of a Meta Marketing campaign?
Success is measured using a variety of metrics, including reach, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI. We utilize Meta’s in-depth analytics tools to track these metrics, allowing us to refine and optimize campaigns for the best possible results continually.

Our Meta Ads Management Process

Meta Ads can be scaled up and down to suit almost every business imaginable. We’ve lent our expertise to Meta ad campaigns that have exponentially increased growth and engagement for dozens of companies in Port Macquarie and Australia.

We set up your Meta Business Suite so it’s optimised from the get-go. We put everything in place so it’s easy to manage and interact with your audience across all Meta platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Meta Business Suite Setup

We conduct intensive research into your target audience – what they like, who they are, and why they’d be interested in your product or service. That way, your spend is laser-focused and optimised for conversion.


Demographics Research

We make sure your channels are optimised and performing at their peak – and explore alternatives to reach even more people.


Channel Optimisation

As designers and copywriters, we know what makes for an ad that sticks and converts. We create ads that are impossible to ignore, and convert over and over again.


Ad Creation

We look at real data and see where we can improve – conducting A/B testing to make sure ads convert more often and give you the highest returns.


Analytics and Refrinement

Masters of Meta Ads and Management

Over the years, PD have been at the forefront of digital marketing and advertising. With Facebook being around since 2007, we’ve been on top of trends so that the brands we work with gain the greatest possible reach, engagement, and most important of all – sales.
It’s all about unforgettable user experiences, and we work with the platform to deliver these to your audience. That means higher trust in your brand which translates to greater sales volume, setting your business up for real and sustained growth.

Reporting and Analysis Using Meta Business Suite

Making sure you get the highest return on your investment, we use every tool that Meta Business Suite has at our disposal to drill down into targeting specific locations, unearth new demographics, and remarket to browsers so we can increase the chances of making each and every sale. We show you how you’re tracking with jargon-free, easy to understand reporting as often as you like.

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Do you have questions about Meta advertising?

Our experienced team is here to answer all of your budding questions about Meta ads, Facebook, Instagram, and other integrations.

If you are in need of a Meta advertising and management agency that has a proven track record of increasing reach, engagement, and sales for all manner of brands, contact PD today using the form or call 0432 297 230.

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