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reach More Customers For Less With PPC and Google Ads

Getting your site on Google Ads or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) doesn’t take much – but getting the most out of it can be difficult. That’s why our PPC advertising experience effectively manage your Google Ads and PPC for success, optimising your spend and gaining maximum return for your investment.

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Are we the right Google Ads solutions provider for you?

PD have created CRM solutions for businesses and companies of all sizes, which have enhanced productivity and improved sales figures.
“We recently partnered with PD Digital for our digital marketing needs, starting with focusing on Google Ads. Astoundingly, within just 48 hours of launching our campaign, we started seeing real, tangible results. Their team’s expertise and commitment to our success were evident from day one, leading to a significant increase in calls and service bookings far sooner than anticipated. The strategic approach by PD Digital, explicitly tailored to our business goals, has been truly impactful. The rapid and effective results have exceeded our expectations and given us confidence in the power of digital marketing. We’re eager to continue our growth trajectory with PD Digital and explore more ways to expand our reach. I can’t recommend PD Digital highly enough for any business looking to make a substantial impact online quickly.”
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Some of the brands We Work With

Our combination of boundless creativity, technical expertise, and continuous refinement have achieved real exposure and growth for businesses in Port Macquarie and Australia.

Attracting More Clicks Means More Sales

Pay Per Click ads help get your brand in front of people searching for your product or service almost instantly. PD combines the art and science of great PPC advertising – killer creative, optimised targeting, and laser-focused remarketing – to ensure you get more clicks, more often. That means more sales and higher revenue.

Our Google Ads and PPC process

We’ve worked with startups, enterprise clients, and everyone in between. We take care of every facet of PPC to ensure the highest return on your investment.
The first step is to create your PPC dashboard or audit what you already have and create a real strategy to attract more customers to your site or platform.


Set up and Audit

Using campaign or analytics data, we target where your customers are and optimise ad spend, quality score, and keywords to get them clicking more often.


Targeting and Optimisation

We manage and can scale campaigns according to your budget. We create funnels, direct email marketing, and landing pages to ensure better conversion rates over time.


Campaign management

We give you detailed reports as often as you need. We show you the bottom line – how your ads are doing and how much return you’re getting for your spend.


Analytics and Reporting

Using real-time data and business intelligence we continuously improve and optimise your ad spend, using fewer resources for better results.


Continuous Improvement

Google Ads Marketing faq

How quickly can I see results with Google Ads?
Results from Google Ads can be seen almost immediately after your campaign goes live. However, the time to see significant improvements in ROI or conversions varies, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords and the effectiveness of your ad strategy.

How do you target the right audience with Google Ads?
We use a combination of keyword research, demographic targeting, location targeting, and device targeting to reach your ideal audience. By understanding your business and customers, we tailor campaigns that resonate with the people most likely to convert, ensuring the right eyes see your ads.

How much should I budget for my Google Ads campaign?
Your budget depends on your business goals, industry competition, and target keywords. A small to medium-sized business can start with a monthly budget of $500 to $1,000. As we analyze the performance and ROI of your campaigns, we can adjust the budget to optimize for the best results.

How much should I budget for my Google Ads campaign?
Your budget depends on your business goals, industry competition, and target keywords. A small to medium-sized business can start with a monthly budget of $500 to $1,000. As we analyze the performance and ROI of your campaigns, we can adjust the budget to optimize for the best results.

Can Google Ads work for any business?
Yes, Google Ads can be effective for many businesses, from local services to e-commerce websites. The key is crafting the right strategy that aligns with your business objectives, whether generating leads, increasing sales, or boosting brand awareness.

Specialists in
e-commerce advertising

We’ve worked with dozens of e-commerce platforms to seamlessly integrate PPC ads as part of their sales and marketing funnels. We connect CRMs and other apps to supercharge your sales outreach and customer retention whether you sell products in Port Macquarie or services in Sydney.

The professionals in PPC ads

PD have been in the digital marketing space for over three decades – we’ve seen what’s come, what’s gone, what works, and what doesn’t. Our expertise has guided platforms and brands to find their customer base using PPC and GoogleAds, focusing on effortless user experiences, higher conversion rates, and the highest possible return on investment.

PPC need not cost the Earth – and we aim to break through the conventional $2 return for every $1 spent. We’ve done it through solid data analytics, creativity that catches the eye, and refining every aspect of a businesses’ Google Ads dashboard and integrating it with apps to enhance conversions and the customer experience.

our team

Our team is composed of expert digital marketing veterans. Our team of creatives are well-versed in digital design, video, content writing, and A/B optimisation. Our data analysts use business intelligence from Meta Business Suite to constantly refine your campaigns so they’re performing at their absolute best.

Using The Numbers To Enhance Your Return on Investment

PD tracks your PPC campaigns using comprehensive analytics to further refine every metric from demographics, location, peak periods, and remarketing. Don’t worry if you’re not a techhead – we explain everything to you in plain English so you’re able to understand how we’re maximising your PPC investment, and why.

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Do you have questions about PPC advertising?

Our experienced team is standing by to take all your queries and are ready to help launch or optimise your next Google Ads campaign.If you are looking for a PPC advertising agency that helps attract more sales, more often while placing emphasis on a higher return on investment, contact PD today.

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