5 Digital Marketing Tactics That Maximise Your Sales

You’ve got your website sorted. It looks incredible. You might even check it daily just to admire the work of your web designer. But how are people going to find you? Without digital marketing, Port Macquarie businesses lose a crucial opportunity to drive traffic to their website, grow their customer base, and increase sales. Digital […]

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Marketing Manager

A pretty frightening and concerning trend seems to be emerging lately. Owners of growing businesses are realising en masse the importance of digital marketing, and putting up ads for marketing managers like ‘lost cat’ flyers. The concerning part isn’t the realisation that marketing is important (that’s actually a pretty good thing). What’s concerning is what […]

4 Branding Mistakes You Must Avoid

In 2010, the clothing brand Gap lost an estimated $100 million after revealing a new logo that their audience hated (they changed it back 6 days later due to widespread complaints from fans). There’s a lot of money in good (and bad) branding, and even a small design faux pas or misguided logo could equal […]

Find A Port Macquarie Web Designer & Boost Your Business

When you’re hunting for the right web designer in Port Macquarie, make sure they do the following: Understand your target audience and analyse their online behaviour Prioritise UX to boost engagement and maximise conversions Set-up strategies for ongoing success after launch day We’ll explain why it’s crucial to find an expert who uses these practices […]