7 Graphic Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you’re a business owner looking to grow in 2020, it’s time to take graphic design seriously. Graphic design is an essential part of using web design and digital marketing to leverage your business’s online presence. Humans are a visual species – if we like what we’ll see, we’ll remember it. By investing in your […]

A Quick Guide To The 8 Elements Of Web Design

For any business owner, upgrading your online presence is essential to growing your business. The first hurdle to clear? Building an attractive, high-performance website. But where do you even begin? What is SEO, and why should you care? Why do you need a host? You’re not at a restaurant! Let us help you out by […]

Web Design Tools 101: Front End Tools vs Back End Tools

So you’re a business owner in Port Macquarie and you need to revamp your business’s website. Do you know where to start? Maybe you’ve tried to do some research online but only end up frustrated and confused, especially when it comes to which web design tools should be used for different needs. You know you […]

Best Web Development Software of 2021

I hear you say – if DIY website builders exist, why should I hire a professional web developer? Because web developers are paid to use the best tools of the trade and stay on the pulse of industry trends, best practices, and strategies to help businesses succeed online. But that doesn’t mean you can assume […]